Øresund Rundt 28. August 2016


When you arrive at the ferry in Elsinore


From start to ferry in Elsinore is about 50 km. The route goes from Amager, through the beautiful Copenhagen and along Beach Road. To avoid unnecessary queuing up to board the ferry, it is important that you in enrollment indicates a realistic average speed. Running with a cut of 25 km / hour, the trip to the ferry is about 2 hours.


Each ferry can have up to 250 participants.

REMEMBER passport or driverslicense, as there will be ID checks of all participants - ID verification is expected to take a few minutes. It is your responsibility to remember passport or drivers license. You can not continue without a passport or driverslicense!

On board the ferry, you can get a much needed rest and stretch your legs before you drive off the ferry in Helsingborg after 20 minutes. Be aware of your bike when the ferry docks in Helsingborg. From there it is about 143 km to the goal in Malmo.

Estimated ferries will be at 9.00, 9.30, 10.00, 10.30. You will be given a slot time after you average speed around the 20. august.